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Tates of Sussex

Brand refresh, print design & digital assets

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Tates of Sussex are a group of family-owned garden centres. They needed help aligning their messaging across different sites, so that their new loyalty scheme could be communicated clearly and visibly to customers.

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We worked with Tates to set up clear brand guidelines that could be used by colleagues across different parts of their business. Taking their existing logos, we set up flexible template layouts, so that signage could be created and applied consistently, providing guidance on how fonts, colours and imagery might be used. Burgundy Red became a key colour for identifying the everyday signage and offers used across the four garden centres, such as in pricing, directional and persuasive signage.

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Tates Rewards

With the new Tates of Sussex guidelines in place, their messaging was more streamlined, consistent and easy for customers to understand.
We were then able to implement a new identity around Tates Rewards, which offers a loyalty programme for customer members. From initial sign up, to receiving their loyalty card, email messaging and when shopping reward offers in stores, customers see a unified identity across all Tates Rewards messaging. 

Reward Card Mockup V3.jpg
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Is your business messaging confusing your customers? Get in touch today to find out how we can help makes things simple.

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