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Unlocking the Severn

Print design


Unlocking the Severn is the biggest conservation project of its kind in Europe, reconnecting the migration grounds of an endangered fish, the Twaite Shad.

As part of their project Unlocking the Severn, The Canal and Rivers Trust needed to create a commemorative flag featuring fish designed by local children, to be raised at locations along the River Severn. We supported this project by editing and optimising the images that had been drawn by local children, developing a range of visual solutions for the design and composition of the flag, and ensuring that the final outcome was within brand guidelines and carefully prepared for print.

“When I was asked by Unlocking the Severn to create a flag to celebrate the Twaite Shad's annual migration, I asked for Lauren to be involved as the graphic designer... The project involved children from schools in the vicinity of the River Severn responding to a simple drawing I made of a Twaite Shad. The quantity and quality of the artworks received was incredible and Lauren was able to arrange the eclectic collection of colourful fish in a sensitive and dynamic way.”

Andy Davies Unlocking the Severn


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